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Food Menu

Find delicious vegan and vegetarian bowls, salads, burgers, sides, desserts, snacks and treats, handmade from the freshest, natural ingredients. Using as much organic produce as we can, you’ll relish a tasty all-day brunch menu which includes all the nutritious, more-ish dishes you love.

Free from refined sugar and almost all vegan and gluten-free, we guarantee you’ll be back for more.

Charli's Crew Food

Drinks Menu

Discover soothing: vegan detox juices, coffees, smoothies, soft drinks, lattes, matchas and hot chocolate made from the finest, natural ingredients. Packed with the vitamins and minerals you need for revitalising hydration, find flavour-filled drinks which leave you feeling good from the inside out.

Free from refined sugar and almost all vegan and gluten-free.

Our Diets

A Keto Kick

To follow a ketogenic diet, you have to cut your carbs and focus on consuming fats and lots of leafy, non-starchy vegetables.

You’re so Paleo

On a Paleo diet you live by the rule ‘if a caveman didn’t eat it, neither will I’. You can eat natural foods like meat, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, seeds and fruits. But nothing ever processed or cured.

So Very Vegan

A vegan diet excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal ingredients.