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Best Coffee Shops and Cafés in Paris For The Health-Conscious

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It’s not true. Visiting the best coffee shops and cafés in Paris as a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or health-conscious customer does not mean you have to push around a limp salad or omelette whilst everyone else is free to indulge.

And, if you are desperate for good coffee (with Oatly instead of Alpro) we have all the answers you need.

Sure, traditional café culture in Paris is synonymous with sugar, gluten and butter but Parisians are at last, catching on to the healthy offers we contemporary customers desire.

Head to the traditional offerings such as the most famous café in Paris, Café de Flore or Les Deux Magots in the 6th and salad and omelettes will be what you find. It’s the same at Le Procope. These world-famous Parisian cafes are at least a century old, in the case of Le Procope, which dates back to 1686, three centuries old.

For most of us, food choices have moved on. Whilst we still want croissants, coffee and cake, we know these traditional French café favourites can be made with a healthy twist.

Follow our list of the best coffee shops and cafés in Paris and you’ll find the type of coffee and food you truly want. Food and coffee that’s vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or created with health in mind.

Loved by both modernists and traditionalists, you can enjoy Parisian café culture without compromising your dietary needs. Here’s our essential collection of the best coffee shops and cafés in Paris for health-conscious customers.

Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Paris For Health-Conscious Customers


Laduree, the 8th: Let’s look at the best traditional option first. Macarons are amongst the first things to spring to mind when you think of Parisian cafés with hot coffee and elegant cakes.

At more than 150 years old, Ladurée made waves when it introduced vegan, gluten-free macarons to its legendary Paris collection in 2020. Interestingly, macarons and in fact, the entire menu at Ladurée’s Beverley Hills location is already 100% plant-based.

The thing is, Ladurée is famous for having the best macarons in Paris but they’re not all vegan and gluten-free. That means if you do take a trip to the famous location on the Champs-Élysées, you’ll find there are only two macarons on the menu that are vegan and gluten-free.

Yes, you are relegated to choosing between the coconut caramel and Peruvian chocolate macarons. Sometimes Ladurée add a vegan pastry or cake to the mix.

Yes they will be delicious but you can find a full selection of amazing vegan macarons, accompanied by a wide variety of beautiful vegan cakes, elsewhere in Paris. Where?

VG Patisserie

VG Patisserie, the 11th: Famous for its vegan macarons, the widest selection in Paris, VG Patisserie is one of the best vegan patisseries in Paris. For many, the best.

The first plant-based patisserie in Paris, VG Patisserie is a destination for all lovers of good food, whether vegan or not. You’ll find a vegan coffee shop with outstanding vegan cakes and good coffee (though still with Alpro, for Oatly you’ll need to head to Charli’s Crew – I’ll tell you about that next).

Although not strictly gluten-free, VG Patisserie does have a wide selection of gluten-free goodies on its menu.

From amazing croissants to pastries, macarons, tarts and cakes, you’ll find it all here, 100% plant-based and lactose-free.

The only drawback? If you want a coffee shop where you can sit down and relax, there’s not many seats and it does get very busy.

Picture of one of your cakes or cookies

Charli’s Crew

Health Restaurant in Paris

Charli’s Crew, the 2nd: For a relaxing coffee shop with plenty of seats, delicious food and the best coffee in Paris, head to Charli’s Crew.

A vegan café that’s gluten-free and free from refined sugar. Charli’s Crew also have plenty of options for those following paleo and keto diets. For maximum convenience, each dietary need is clearly marked on the menu.

The only place in Paris bucking the trend by using Oatly instead of Alpro in its coffee, Charli’s Crew is a destination for good coffee and vegan food in a friendly setting.

As popular with locals and expats as it is with tourists, you’ll find lots of regular customers, a warm, inviting atmosphere and a menu full of your favourite vegan dishes. It’s the type of place you’ll want to come back to.

Coffee here is made with local Kawa coffee. Kawa are a boutique, award-winning Parisian coffee roaster who hand-deliver their freshly-roasted coffee beans by bike.  Founded in 2016, with a focus on sustainability and quality, natural products, Kawa are a perfect fit for Charli’s.

Paired with anything from their irresistible chocolate brownies to their must-have vegan burgers, cookies, loaded potatoes, shaksuka and more, you’ll find all you want here. Browse Menu

All this coffee is likely to leave your contemporary palate hankering for nothing more than a glass of fresh juice.

Wild and The Moon

Wild and The Moon, the 3rd: Although you can find fresh, handmade juices at most Parisian health-conscious cafés and coffee shops, Wild and The Moon is the place to go for a Cali-style green juice.

Think glass, clinical white counters, bare pendant lights and green plants and you have Paris’ answer to a clean food, LA canteen. Here you’ll find green juices, zucchini muffins and matcha lattes (yup – with Alpro). Beware, the portions are on the smaller side.

Its cold-pressed detox juices and gluten-free, detox bowls and snacks are available at all of its 8 branches dotted across Paris.

But why settle for a green juice when you can have a delicious all-day brunch that’s vegan, gluten-free, free from refined sugar and available all week? Browse the menu for all your faves.
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