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Vegan Brunch, Paris: Best Vegan Restaurant For An Amazing Breakfast in Paris

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You may well be in the home of gastronomy but if you’re looking for a tasty vegan brunch in Paris it’s best to head to a good vegan restaurant which serves a leisurely breakfast or dedicated brunch. It’s the same for vegetarians.

The options for vegans and vegetarians in standard restaurants in Paris are very limited so it’s a relief to find plenty of choice in specialist outlets. If you’re in the know, Paris has a growing number of vegan eateries which serve up the gorgeous vegan food and good coffee you crave.

These days it’s possible to discover everything from Indian to Lebanese vegan food in Paris but you have to find them.

To save you time, we’ve scoured the capital and put together an easy guide to the best vegan restaurants for brunch in Paris. With our help, you can spend your downtime munching on scrambled tofu, veggie burgers, more-ish vegan desserts and other tasty finds.

Here’s all you need to know about where to eat vegan brunch in Paris.

Vegan Brunch, Paris: Best Vegan Restaurant For An Amazing Breakfast in Paris.

Le Petit Veg, the 10th

Le Petit Veg, the 10th: For something different, kickstart the weekend at Paris’ first vegan Indian restaurant. The arrival of tasty vegan thalis, curries, breads, sides and desserts, make Le Petit Veg a destination for both vegans and non-vegans.

Loaded thali plates, featuring lots of little dishes on one big plate, are a favourite way to sample the menu which includes everything from samosas to dosas and biryanis.

Doors don’t open until 11.30 so this is one for the late risers but it’s well worth the wait if you’re in the mood for something spicy.

If you’re vegetarian, you’ll also like the hearty offerings at Krishna Bhavan Cail in the 10th. Here you’ll find delicious north Indian vegetarian curries, breads and desserts in cosy surroundings.

Charli’s Crew, the 2nd

Charli's Crew Vegan Restaurant Paris

Charli’s Crew, the 2nd: Why save brunch for the weekend? Find all your favourite vegan brunch classics at Charli’s Crew all week. A warm welcome and relaxed, friendly vibe make Charli’s a regular haunt for everyone from locals to expats and tourists.

A home from home, the all-day brunch menu means you can feast on delicious dishes and the best vegan coffee in Paris at your leisure.

From silky scrambled tofu to delicious vegan burgers, bowls, loaded potatoes, brownies, chocolate cookies and flat whites done right (with Oatly instead of the Paris-standard Alpro which is so wrong), Charli’s Crew is the place for comforting reminders of home.

Everything is free from refined sugar, gluten-free and beautifully presented. Special touches, such as artisan, gluten-free bread from local boulangerie Copains and freshly-roasted Kawa coffee beans, roasted in Paris and delivered by bike, will have you coming back for more. Browse Menu.

Aujourd’hui Demain, 11th

Aujourd’hui Demain, 11th: American-style dishes can be found at Aujourd’hui Demain. Not strictly an eaterie, it’s a vegan concept store.

Set up through a crowdfunding campaign, amongst Paris’ numerous and increasingly popular concept stores, Aujourd’hui Demain is the only vegan outlet. Here you can browse a range of trendy vegan clothes, books, accessories and food before you eat.

The seasonal menu is subject to change. In general, you can expect American-inspired burgers, shakes, club sandwiches, juices, salads and cakes with an indulgent spin.

Land and Monkeys, the 11th

Land and Monkeys, the 11th: For a traditional French breakfast of baked goods and coffee, Land and Monkeys is a vegan boulangerie that’s making waves across the capital.

The first patisserie to offer a 100% vegan menu in Paris, Land Monkeys is popular with both vegans and non-vegans. Make a stop for vegan croissant, pain au chocolat or a hearty sandwich in a freshly baked baguette. You’ll also find baked gateaus, cakes and salads, all the French baked classics you need to satisfy your tastebuds.

Soya Cantine, 11th

Soya Cantine, 11th: Drawing inspiration from the culinary giants of Asia and Italy, Soya Cantine is a vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan dishes on the menu.

Utterly contemporary, you’ll find an enormous range of fusion dishes, often in unexpected combinations, such as potatoes with vanilla. Yet there is enough familiarity to keep everyone happy although the price tag is in the higher brackets for Parisian vegan eateries.

New York loft-style surroundings (think industrial styling with lots of glass, metal and airy space) make Soya a draw for weekend brunch with an edge. From tabboulehs to spring rolls, curries, vegan lasagne, pizza, tempura and seaweed dumplings – it’s all here in generous portions. Recognisable desserts include crumbles, parfaits and tarts.

The only drawback is you’ll have to wait until Sunday because Soya only does Sunday brunch. Presented as an eat all you can for a fixed fee affair, it is one the more expensive options for vegan brunch in Paris.

But why save brunch for Sundays? Find brunch on any day of the week with us. We have all your favourites on offer so you’re guaranteed to come back for more. Browse all-day vegan brunch menu!

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