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Living In Paris: What Is It Really Like To Live In Paris As An Expat

If you’ve lived in a major European city before, you may find aspects of living in Paris less of a shock to the system. There are parallels between London and Paris, for example. High property costs, a fantastic range of things to do, beautiful historic architecture and endless choice, are reminiscent of lots of major […]

Vegan Brunch, Paris: Best Vegan Restaurant For An Amazing Breakfast in Paris

Smoothies and detox juices

You may well be in the home of gastronomy but if you’re looking for a tasty vegan brunch in Paris it’s best to head to a good vegan restaurant which serves a leisurely breakfast or dedicated brunch. It’s the same for vegetarians. The options for vegans and vegetarians in standard restaurants in Paris are very […]

Gluten Free Brunch, Paris: Best Gluten Free Restaurants Serving Breakfast in Paris

Charli's Crew Food

It’s hard to think of brunch in Paris without visualising piles of gluten-laden food but the good news is, you can partake if you follow a gluten-free diet. Thanks to an increasing number of gluten free restaurants in Paris, croissants, pastries, crepes, waffles and more, are yours to enjoy too. Head not though, to mainstream […]

Best Coffee Shops and Cafés in Paris For The Health-Conscious

Cafe Food

It’s not true. Visiting the best coffee shops and cafés in Paris as a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or health-conscious customer does not mean you have to push around a limp salad or omelette whilst everyone else is free to indulge. And, if you are desperate for good coffee (with Oatly instead of Alpro) we have […]

Understanding sugar substitutes…

Sugar substitutes have become an important part of everyday life for many people who are concerned about the health risks associated with sugar. Extensive marketing and increased health awareness have led to their widespread use. Many of these sugar substitutes provide zero calories and are far more intense in their sweetness than sugar. As such […]

Food on prescription

Many doctors, patients and other professionals are becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress in pharmaceuticals with reducing food-related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The result of this is that food is starting to become of increased focus. A growing body of research is supporting the notion that if people […]

Sugar: what is it and how is it harmful?

Today, more than ever before, we are hearing the word “sugar” bandied about everywhere, and are being warned of the health risks associated with high intakes of it. We are told that “added” or “free” sugars are harmful; and that it is these sugars we need to cut back on because they cause our blood […]