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Gluten Free Brunch, Paris: Best Gluten Free Restaurants Serving Breakfast in Paris

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It’s hard to think of brunch in Paris without visualising piles of gluten-laden food but the good news is, you can partake if you follow a gluten-free diet. Thanks to an increasing number of gluten free restaurants in Paris, croissants, pastries, crepes, waffles and more, are yours to enjoy too.

Head not though, to mainstream eateries. You will still find they generally view gluten-free diets as an external need beyond their menu. However, there are a number of gluten-free restaurants, boulangeries and patisseries ready to serve you a delicious gluten-free brunch.

And it’s not all traditional French breakfast. Here in contemporary Paris, you’ll find everything from Italian to American and Asian-inspired food that’s gluten-free.

Enabling you to spend less time on the hunt for good food and more time eating plates that don’t disappoint, here’s our roundup of the best gluten free brunches in Paris

Gluten Free Brunch, Paris: Best Gluten-Free Restaurants Serving Breakfast in Paris.

Breizh Cafe, the 3rd

If crepes are your thing, you’ll love Breizh Cafe. The Breizh Cafe creperie is gluten-free because they follow a traditional Breton recipe which uses buckwheat flour.

Officially known as galettes because they include both sweet and savoury fillings, Breizh has an enormous choice of both exciting and classic ways to eat your crepes.

From traditional jambon to Japanese-inspired yuzu, smoked duck breast and fresh langoustines, there’s enough to make you want to make another trip. Luckily, there are two more branches in the area so you may happen upon a Breizh Cafe again.

Charli’s Crew, the 2nd

As good as the food is in Paris, there comes a point when what you really want are home comforts and familiar favourites. For that, you head to Charli’s Crew.

Here, you don’t have to schedule brunch because it’s available all day. Everything is gloriously good, filling any ache for a dish from home, yet all free from refined sugar. So yes, at Charli’s Crew you can treat yourself to a gluten-free brunch in Paris without worry.

Whether it’s smashed avo toast, mac no cheese, the to-die for burgers with artisan gluten-free buns, handmade around the corner, or brownies, cookies, bowls, salads – there’s so much to choose from and it’s all gluten-free.

The menu was created with the help of their resident nutritionist. A quick scan along Charli’s useful symbols, located at the side of each dish on the menu, shows lots of dishes are also suitable for keto and paleo diets whilst the entire collection is also 100% vegan.

A destination for as much as the delicious, gluten-free food as the friendly faces and warm welcome you always receive on arrival. Charlie’s Crew is the perfect place to kick-back and savour great food in chilled surroundings.  Browse Our Menu.

Boulangerie Chambelland, 11th

It’s Paris so at some point you’ll want a traditional French breakfast. That of course means boulangeries. Thankfully there are a number of gluten-free bakeries in Paris.

Each is different but Chambelland remains a favourite for many whether they’re gluten-free or not. You’ll find everything from gluten-free sourdough to cakes, macarons, focaccia, tarts and lots and lots of interesting crusty breads.

You won’t see a baguette on the menu, which is somewhat refreshing, instead there are dozens of different breads, handmade granola bars, choquettes, sandwiches and more.

Grinding the gluten-free staples for their baked goods in their own mill, the team also cook everything themselves so they can confirm exactly where all their ingredients come from – something that’s really reassuring if you’re gluten-intolerant.

Wild and The Moon, 3rd

Styled on a LA canteen, Wild and The Moon offers a restrained menu full of light, clean and green, health-focused food. The interior is suitably pared back, with LA-style white counters and wood floors.

From small salad bowls to cold-pressed juices, green smoothies and coconut matcha macarons, it’s a rather serious affair with smaller portions, centred on nutrition. Favourites for a gluten-free brunch include acai bowls, zucchini muffins, lentil bowls and chia puddings.

There are 8 Wild and The Moon outlets in Paris so a green juice is never far away.

Yummy and GuiltFree, the 3rd

Waffles are synonymous with brunch for many of us. If you find yourself hankering after more-ish waffles for brunch, the gluten-free waffles at Yummy and GuiltFree are sure to satisfy.

There are unexpected sweet and savoury options on the menu, such as Thai chicken and pan-fried vegetables with celeriac mash. For those of us who are less adventurous, traditional offerings of caramel, Nutella or cheese and ham with mustard are also available. Everything here is also lactose-free.

The crunchy exterior gives way to a fluffy centre and attention to detail extends to a bow on the end of the sweet waffles, which arrive on a stick.

Little Nonna, the 17th

If you have a desire for Italian, the gluten-free pizza at Little Nonna may make it to your list for brunch. Little Nonna’s pizzas have all the texture combinations you want from a pizza. There’s lots of options for toppings, with all your favourites on the menu and there’s even homemade wine.

As a 100% gluten-free Italian restaurant serving up pizza and pasta, the eaterie can get very busy so you might want check ahead for time’s when Nonna is little quieter.

With gluten-free risottos, gnocchi and tiramisu also on the menu, it’s no surprise the queues at Little Nonna do get so long.

Put off by the queue? Head our way. Our mac and no cheese will satisfy any cheese-related cravings you have, then there’s our legendary vegan burgers. Check out our all-day brunch menu. We guarantee you’ll be back for more. Browse menu.

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